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Brightmerge Expands Advisory Board

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Brightmerge appoints leading industry experts

The most recent appointment is Mark Schneider, a founder and developer of one of the largest wind-farms in Australia, who has developed and financed renewable energy projects there for the past 20 years.

Mr. Schneider, originally from Cape Town, and who has lived most of his life in Sydney, brings a wealth of experience and skills to the realm of renewable energy ventures: from initial project potential identification, through development, planning, financing, and start-up operations.

When Australia deregulated and then privatized the electricity industry, he was instrumental in establishing and running the first electricity derivatives proprietary trading team with a major bank. He went on from there to create financing and development funds for the establishment of renewable energy plants in various parts of the country together with a number of international groups in this field.

He commented that he was proud to have been appointed to the Brightmerge advisory board:

“As electricity becomes further ‘democratized’ with its generation and delivery decentralized from the central grid, Brightmerge with its sophisticated and advanced SaaS platform can become a critical factor in creating that paradigm change in power delivery.”

Daniel Schwab, CEO of Brightmerge welcome Mr. Schneider to the board saying: “We have one of the world’s leading experts in renewable energy ventures, who will make an enormous contribution to our development and penetration into this market.”

Mr. Schneider is resident in Israel and continues his work as a private Renewable Energy Investor and Advisor.

His appointment follows closely on that of Seth Kiner, Founder and Managing Director of Charlotte St. Advisors, LLC and formerly VP Customer Programs and Services at Southern California Edison, who will head support the company’s drive into expanding its investor and strategic partner base.

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