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Build, simulate and optimize business cases

for ICE-to-EV fleet conversions, EV charging hubs, and grid & microgrid infrastructure effortlessly!

The BrightMerge platform seamlessly integrates multiple 3rd party data sources, project-specific data-entry modules, and powerful analysis and optimization algorithms, in a collaborative yet secure cloud-based platform.

The Brightmerge Solution

Brightmerge's cloud-based data analytics platform uses AI & ML to accelerate microgrid site prospecting, planning, deployment & operational optimization for a clean, reliable & secure energy economy.

Cross-platform technical features empower every project

Seamless Integrations

Fully automated Data-set updates / APIs:

Weather data, telemetry, tariffs and regulations, etc

Multi-cloud compatibility:

Azure, AWS, Google Cloud

Advanced Technology stack:

Python, Kubernetes, MongoDB



Power BI and Tableau integration

Team Collaboration:

Multi-user platform with admin permissions management

Robust Functionality

Supports vehicle- and business model-agnostic scenarios:

Automated EV Charging Hub Load Profile optimization for buses, trucks, vans, passenger vehicles in dedicated fleet hubs, public access charging hubs or a combination of both.

Scenario comparison engine:

Supports multiple “What if" scenarios for comparing scenarios with different interest rates, input cost data, equipment suppliers, etc., etc.

Customizable mix-and-match energy system library:

Supports hybridization of energy systems such as combining wind, solar, fuel cells, energy storage, hybrid AC-DC solutions, all in one system configuration

Compliant with Industry Standards

Data security and compliance* :


Read more

Bankability Standard Compliance* :


EV Charging Software Standard* :


Distributed Energy Resource Protocol compliant* :


Telemetry standard compliance*

* Upon customer request

Start your project journey in any module - it's 1 unified system.

Together or separately, these modules enable robust, flexible data-capture for your project, which is analyzed, optimized and delivered to you in a comprehensive, bankable report.


Enter general information about the project to help provide focus, including business model and goals, currency, interest rates, and other top-level pieces of information. Onboard your team so they can collaborate to provide data, run simulations, and more.


FLEET Module

Provide data about individual vehicles which can then be organized into groupings of vehicles with the same configuration (model, battery capacity, etc.) and operational patterns. Following optimization, you can see how to achieve optimal fleet structure and operations based on fleet usage patterns and business needs and goals. Download all project details, including in-depth financial breakdowns and projections.

Screen Shot 2021-11-22 at 15.24.55.png


Input custom data related to your charging hub, from equipment, to operational parameters, tariffs, and more. Alternatively, simply review and modify the automatically-generated values accessed via API from up-to-date databases and pre-filled into relevant fields. Following optimization, discover the recommended hub layout and operational plan, including downloadable project details, in-depth financials, projections, and more.



Enter custom data or draw on API-connected databases to provide information for analysis of your energy requirements within the context of both your business needs and the wider energy infrastructure market (tariffs, incentives, dynamic pricing, etc.). Discover the optimal energy supply solution for your fleet charging hub and determine whether the existing grid is sufficient, whether it makes sense to request a grid-upgrade, or whether a microgrid is the preferred solution. Includes downloadable project details and in-depth financials and projections.



After the necessary data is provided for the relevant modules, the platform’s algorithms run an analysis of your project to determine the optimal business model. This is completed in mere minutes, and then reviewed by our team - usually within 24 hours - for QA and accuracy, before being published to your secure user area. The bankable report can be downloaded and used for securing financing. 

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Ready to take your project to a whole new level?

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