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Accelerating the transition to a microgrid-based energy economy.

Empowering energy decision makers through the autonomous siting, planning and optimization of renewable energy microgrids

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Brightmerge's cloud-based data analytics platform uses AI & ML to accelerate microgrid site prospecting, planning, deployment & operational optimization for a clean, reliable & secure energy economy.
Why Brightmerge?

Electricity Market in Transition
Three interconnected dynamics are pushing the electricity market towards rapid transformation:​

The market has reached three fundamental tipping points:​

On-site generation/storage solutions can reliably provide clean, cost-competitive electricity

The mandate to urgently decarbonize

​Today’s digital economy requires secure, reliable and resilient electricity supply regardless of extreme weather and cyber vulnerabilities

A Microgrid Future

Microgrids are the perfect solution to many of the challenges facing the electricity sector - and the climate - yet the microgrid market is still far from realizing its potential.

Long and complex development cycles, isolated data silos, and sub-optimal microgrid planning and operation all present challenges to be overcome.

Brightmerge is revolutionizing how microgrids are prospected, planned, and operated, cutting planning time and costs so microgrids can lead the way to a bright future powered by a secure, clean, and reliable electricity economy.

What is a Microgrid?

A microgrid is a group of interconnected loads and distributed energy resources within defined electrical boundaries.

Microgrids act as a single controllable entity that can operate autonomously whether connected or disconnected from the grid.

Microgrids may be connected to each other to create a single network, or may be connected to the already existing central grid.

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The Brightmerge Solution

Brightmerge solution for smart energy:

Who Brightmerge Helps

Brightmerge helps financial analysts and technical design teams in a wide range of markets save time and money designing, analyzing and optimizing the technical and financial performance of microgrids.

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Electric Vehicles

Central grid inflexibility makes supplying energy to EVs a huge challenge

​With the EV recharging infrastructure growing at almost 35% CAGR (source), the flexibility and potentially accelerated time to market of microgrids makes them the natural choice to meet this demand.

Brightmerge's cloud-based data-driven solution that reduces planning time by 90% and enables ongoing financial and technical performance optimization makes it the perfect choice to meet this rocketing demand.

Our customers say...

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"From advanced AI capabilities to deep knowledge of the electricity market, Brightmerge have an excellent approach to addressing a real need of Optimizing local energy systems”

CEO of Arava Energy Company

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