Renewable & Reliable Micro-grid Electricity

Ultra-High Availability Electrical Power for Property Developments

Brightmerge bridges the power gap between the grid and your property’s electricity needs with micro-grids based on renewable energy sources.

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The Challenge

Sub-Saharan Africa’s rapid economic growth is outpacing the capability of national electrical grids to provide sufficient energy for all residential and commercial projects. In order to sustain and accelerate growth in emerging markets, property developers are seeking reliable energy providers to provide their tenants with freely available electricity at a reasonable cost.

The emergence of various renewable energy solutions at competitive prices enables micro-grids to meet this challenge and provide developers with a reliable solution to their energy needs.

Our Approach

Brightmerge empowers local entrepreneurs to build independent commercial-grade grids.

Turnkey Solutions
Brightmerge has developed partnerships with top level service providers to supply property developers with a complete energy solution.

Low Cost Energy Efficiency
>Brightmerge micro-grids use renewable energy sources to provide low cost energy.

Continuous Improvement
Property managers can retain Brightmerge for ongoing services and access to improvements in energy generation and efficiency.

Sustainable Sourcing & Installation
When possible, local sources will be used for services and supplies to reduce costs and provide social responsibility.

By empowering local entrepreneurs, millions of people can gain access to electricity within two decades.


Homer Partnership

Brightmerge is proud to partner with Homer Energy, world leader in microgrid modeling software.