Brightmerge is paving the way to democratizing the energy industry.  
Using cloud based artificial intelligence we dramatically reducing the cost, time and expertise required to develop and operate renewable energy microgrid systems.

Brightmerge will disrupt the microgrid industry by providing a performance optimization platform based on proprietary machine learning and big data decision making solution that automates most of the functions currently being done manually by project developers, engineers, bankers and investors during the development and operation of renewable energy microgrid systems.

The Brightmerge platform offers smart risk mitigation which will result in greater return on investment and accelerate renewable energy based microgrid adoption.

Competitive Advantage

  • First to market
  • Cloud based social feedback driven ranking engine
  • Simplicity
  • Real Time Multi User Sharing (many project users can access the same information)
  • Automated real time reporting for various users such as financial manager, engineer
  • Transparent market for components and services in the micro grid industry
  • User driven product development process connecting real market demand with product development

What is a Microgrid?

A group of interconnected loads anddistributed energyresources within defined electrical boundariesacting as a single controllableentity thatconnects and disconnect from the grid to operateautonomously.

Demand for microgrids is growing: more resilient, lower cost, enable higher penetration of intermittent renewable energy resources, provide energy security and sustainability.

Vital for remote locations, optional energy source for urban settings (hospital, universities, critical services, etc.

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