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Empowering energy decision-makers

Data-driven platform for economic optimizing renewable energy microgrids

For financial decision makers supporting the energy transition into cost saving, efficient and reliable energy by utilizing data analytics to optimize renewable microgrid systems.

Energy in Transition
Decentralization is now imperative

The market has reached three fundamental tipping points:​

Cost of on-site generation/storage technology dropped - now financially viable

Costs of recurring blackouts become unbearable

The overall decarbonization process requires a more sustainable approach

A Microgrid Future

The Microgrid market is far from its potential mainly due to the long and complex development cycle.

This challenge is currently addressed by many expert modeling software such as Hommer, SAM and many others.

But this is only the first wave.

What is a Microgrid?

A group of interconnected loads and distributed energy resources within defined electrical boundaries.

They act as a single controllable entity that connects and disconnects from the grid to operate autonomously.


Our Market - Stakeholders and Users


Brightmerge solution for smart energy:

Here are the top trends driving the microgrid growth:


Electric Car

Supplying EVs energy has become a huge problem due to system inflexibility

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"from advanced AI capabilities to deep knowledge of the electricity market, Brightmerge have an excellent approach to addressing a real need of Optimizing local energy systems”

CEO of Renwal Energy Company

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