Brightmerge is a cloud base artificial Intelligence exchange that enables the microgrid eco-system to optimize their investment.

Brightmerge algorithms continuously fuse relevant data to maximize return on investment (ROI) and save millions of dollars for our clients.

Brightmerge offers an online cloud-based expert system that accurately and automatically predicts the performance of renewable energy microgrid systems. The platform integrates data sets in one user friendly platform. The Brightmerge solution automates decision making by using ranking and optimization algorithms to choose the best components, suppliers and contractors for each project. The Brightmerge platform employs patented edge computer price-based design algorithms which significantly lowers the overall cost of energy and enables better risk mitigation.

The brain behind this digital oracle is nothing but pure machine learning technology that automates endless data sets into an unseen before accurate financial ROI statement.

Certified data retrieved from suppliers such as solar panels or wind turbine, controllers and power balance systems.

The system adds historical weather factors and their impact on actual output. Cost of energy, regional incentive programs, interest, insurance and construction costs and duration.

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