Cloud based microgrid energy management solution

The challenge of building microgrid solutions in a world with enlarging energy sources and demanding consumption is now greater than ever.

The Brightmerge solution has 5 parts:

  1. Load calculation.
  2. Libraries of supply technology options and pricing
  3. System performance prediction including optimizing for financial and reliability metrics
  4. Social based user supplier options and feedback ranking
  5. Business Intel user reports

Load Calculation

Load calculation is a key factor in micro-grid solutions. Load is varied hourly and daily according to open hours, climate and season. Electric engineers can supply one number peak load data, or a list of different electric consumption facilities with peak load for each one.

Brightmerge supplies the user with predefined templates from different industries and places. Templates are defined for general peak load and for each of electric consumption facility in the project. Load can also be calculated for hybrid entries of general peak load and specific loads.

Supply Options

Brightmerge application includes a library with hundreds of supply options. Supply options includes capacity, price, needed space and limitations. Example solar pv panels, batteries, inverters, power control systems and cables.

End user reports

Cleared and detailed document with simulation conclusions and recommendations.

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