Brightmerge offers a full range of consulting services for property developers who are considering micro-grid installations, including:

1. Pre-feasibility Studies: Each micro-grid project contains unique features relating to both the financial and technical elements of the installation. What are the likely set-up costs of the micro-grid and how much will the generated electricity cost per kWh? Using sophisticated simulation and modeling software Brightmerge can provide you with concrete answers.

What power generating systems need to be installed in your micro-grid? How much battery storage do you require? Our technical experts can devise working models and explain the trade-off between the various options.

2. Reducing Installation Costs: The price of solar panels – a key element of almost all micro-grids – has plummeted in recent years, yet in many markets installation costs, the so-called soft costs, have remained stubbornly high, if not exorbitant.

One of the principles of the Brightmerge Blueprint is to use a combination of technological solutions and local sourcing of goods and services in order to keep the installation costs low. Using our expertise we can show you how to reduce the total cost of installation without compromising on quality.

3. Management & Supervision: If you already have a detailed plan for a micro-grid and you are now at the implementation stage, Brightmerge can work with you to locate and identify the best suppliers and sub-contractors for each part of the project. When all the procurement has taken place and as the construction takes place, we can oversee the whole process and ensure that the micro-grid is installed as planned for optimum long-term results.