Brightmerge offers the full spectrum of Micro-grid as a Service (MaaS) options to its customers, from designing a micro-grid through operating a micro-grid on a daily basis.

MaaS for Designing a Micro-grid

Brightmerge’s Energy Blueprint guides you through all the design stages of a micro-grid via a web interface, including:

  • Entering energy requirements
  • Choosing power sources
  • Inputting cost data
  • Simulating power scenarios
  • Engineering consulting
  • Calculating financing requirements
  • Locating vendors
  • Training

Brightmerge’s cloud-based solution is designed for maximum ease-of-use with the non-engineer in mind. The web interface guides clients through all the stages listed above as well as demand analysis, feasibility studies and obtaining municipal permits, all the way through billing. The on-line solution also generates key documents such as plans and quotes.

Our MaaS modules are very flexible to suit the needs of all micro-grid projects and leverage the power of IT so that all parties have instant access to the project’s status. This accelerates the process of planning and implementation to a timeframe of just 3 – 6 months.

MaaS for Operating a Micro-grid

After you have designed and implemented your micro-grid, Brightmerge’s Energy Blueprint and online modules enable you to operate your micro-grid by maintaining a database of customers and billing them. The web-based software allows you to monitor your micro-grid’s performance and simulate different scenarios in order to calculate the optimal load balance and provide your tenants with the best price compared with the local grid.