Web-based End to End Business Platform

Via a user-friendly web platform, property managers enter site data and the software guides them so that we can plan and build an optimal micro-grid. The client does not need to learn complex engineering tools.

360º Project Support

Beyond the solar panels and turbines, a micro-grid requires a wide support base that includes compliance with building codes, building licenses, legal advice, financing, technological expertise, maintenance and billing. Brightmerge provides a broad solution that takes into account all aspects of supporting the micro-grid’s eco-system.

Construction & Logistics Network

Brightmerge qualifies suppliers and service providers, such as engineers, builders and electricians to execute the project. Successful implementation is critical in order to realise all the benefits of a micro-grid.

Access to Best of Breed Industry Data

Micro-grids and renewable energy are two emerging and complimentary fields. As the field matures best practices are adopted and adapted. Brightmerge’s Research Unit continually reviews and updates our procedures based on the latest research.

A New, Ongoing Revenue Stream

Brightmerge micro-grids facilitate the sale of energy to the property’s tenants. We provide the business tools to provide entrepreneurs with an additional ongoing revenue stream with marketing and billing modules to cost and meter each tenant’s electricity usage and convert that into sales value.