Web-based End to End Business Platform
Enables entrepreneurs to plan, scope, install, maintain and manage a microgrid without requiring the use of complex engineering tools.

Business Requirements
Walks the entrepreneur through the key business requirements that will inform technology & design decisions and ensure close adherence to project timeline and budget.

360º View
Guides the entrepreneur through every aspect of the microgrid project, from business, compliance, legal and financial requirements to technology decisions and even ongoing maintenance and billing.

Construction & Logistics Network
With requirements and a design in place it can still be very challenging to identify the right resources (engineers, builders, electricians) to execute the project. Blueprint includes the ability to locate the right resources for the job as well as local suppliers of parts and transportation.

Access to Best of Breed Industry Data
Integrates the best of governmental & private research data so that the entrepreneur has full access to the best data.

Ongoing maintenance & management
Includes tools to enable ongoing management of the microgrid, as well as business tools to enable billing of energy consumers, marketing and sales.