Homer and Brightmerge Announce Partnership

Brightmerge is a new and exciting enabler of hybrid electrical power in Sub-Saharan Africa, based on managed micro-grids.

We offer the following energy services for property owners and developers who require access to high quality and dependable sources of electricity:

  1. Micro-grid planning based on a mix of energy sources, such as solar and wind, or even diesel.
  2. Linking the micro-grid to the local electrical grid.
  3. Using Homer Energy’s sophisticated HomerPro® Micro-Grid software we simulate the micro-grid and optimize all aspects of the electricity provision, right down to the cost of each kWh.
  4. We provide property management with the option of a new and ongoing revenue stream: the sale of electrical power to their tenants.

Homer Energy’s software is a critical element for analyzing, simulating, optimizing and costing the provision of hybrid electrical power in micro-grid settings. Brightmerge is very excited by our new partnership and we look forward to many successful micro-grid ventures!

For more information, please contact Daniel Schwab, daniel@brightmerge.com.

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