Scaling Renewables

SaaS platform for economic optimizing renewable energy microgrids

For financial decision makers supporting the energy transition into cost saving, efficient and reliable energy by utilizing data analytics to optimize renewable microgrid systems.

Brightmerge is an end to end SaaS platform for microgrid economic optimization.


We are accelerating the transition to the next energy era.

We make it easy to evaluate the financial viability of renewable energy microgrid projects during design and operations.

Optimizing financial decision making for Microgrids and decentralized energy networks is our mission.

Designed by experts with years of accumulated experience in the energy industry, our artificially intelligent (AI) decision support software enables our customers to transition to a new era of reliable, clean, and renewable energy.

What is a Microgrid?

A group of interconnected loads and distributed energy resources within defined electrical boundaries.

They act as a single controllable entity that connects and disconnects from the grid to operate autonomously.




Energy in Transition

Decentralization is now imperative

The market has reached three fundamental tipping points:

  • Cost of on-site generation/storage technology dropped - now financially viable

  • Costs of recurring blackouts become unbearable

  • The overall decarbonization process requires a more sustainable approach

A Microgrid Future


The Microgrid market is far from its potential mainly due to the long and complex development cycle.

This challenge is currently addressed by many expert modeling software such as Hommer, SAM and many others.

But this is only the first wave.

Here are the top trends driving the microgrid growth:

Our Vision - Data Analytics

Above the Clouds

Brightmerge vision is data analytics that feed modeling and operation platforms to respond to the energy industry evolution.

The ability to streamline up-front sale process was just the beginning, the next wave is about holistic understanding of the full life cycle of a microgrid.

The next evolution requires totally different approach: New tools, new data, new expertise and new opportunities to create new value.



Unleashing AI

State-of-the-Art performance prediction

Brightmerge develops an AI driven performance prediction model, providing a fast, accurate, cost-effective end-to-end solution from simulation to operations.


Our Solution:

Unified AI optimization platform to utilize end-to-end Transactive Energy for microgrids networks

Product Features:


Transactive Energy:

Scaling Next Generation Microgrids


Autonomous Demand & Response Economic AI Engine

Transactive Energy manages the energy balance within Microgrids and improves  efficiency and reliability - delivering a more economic, intelligent future for the energy industry.


Our Market - Stakeholders and Users

Strategic Collaborators



Empowering energy decision-makers

The new era of energy, requires leaders with vision and determination to act differently. We empower those decision-makers.

  • Elkana Pressler

    Co-Founder, CEO

    Led over $20m in startups with over 15 years of strategic product ownership and market development.


  • Daniel Schwab

    Founder, Co-CEO Business Development

    18 years in global tech and renewable energy sectors.

    Director BrightSource Energy Inc.; Founded, built and sold Kayema Energy to Fortune 500 company NRG Inc.


  • Keith Lehman

    Co-Founder, CTO

    Over 16 Years in developed AI and Machine learning for companies such as Tokyo Electric Power, China Light and Power, Microsoft and Bank of America.


  • Aviram Hadash

    Operations And Projects

  • Haim Snir

    Product Management

  • Eli Israeli

    Energy Tech Analytics


  • Seth Kiner

    Founder & MD of Charlotte St. Advisors, LLC

    Formerly VP Customer Programs & Services at Southern California Edison. Works with innovative enterprises to drive transformational change.

  • Anne Baer

    iKare Innovation

    An accomplished connector, strategist, and innovator with expertise in Technological partnerships, France-Israel relations, and Sustainability.

  • Eitan Katz

    Blockchain, FinTech, Crypto, Algotrading

    Data analytics specialist, formerly special advisor to Israel Air Force accelerator; Head of Global Incubator, Hewlett Packard Software.

  • Igor Beuker

    Public Speaker, Activist

    Known for his radical vision on trends and technologies that impact business, economy, and society. Social entrepreneur with 5 exits and 24 angel investments in social enterprises.

  • Mark Schneider

    Megawatt Capital

    Lead Investec Bank’s Australian Power Investment Business, Acted as the Global Merchant Power specialist in the Project Finance team for National Australia Bank.

  • Shalom Flank

    MIT, Urban Ingenuity

    Leader in early-stage project development for neighborhood-scale clean-energy systems, including energy districts and microgrids.



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